3. Derrick Hand - Service Rig Training (Module 3)


The Service Rig Training program takes an employee from basic entry level on a Service Rig through to Operator (or Driller). The training consists of videos, quizzes, simulations and simulation-based assessments. The program covers the following eight groups of Work Methods:
  • Transportation
  • Site Requirements
  • Spotting Equipment
  • Rigging In Equipment
  • Basic Equipment Operations
  • Basic Well Operations (Rod Work)
  • Basic Well Operations (Tubing Work)
  • Basic Well Operations (Swabbing)
The trainee progresses through the four floor positions, in the context of each of the Work Methods, to gain the necessary knowledge to progress to the On-The-Job (OJT), or ‘hands-on’ component of his training. 
Prerequisite: Floor Hand classroom and field training
Course Length: Between 12 and 24 hours, dependent upon learner. 16 hours is appropriate for a blended learning environment
A Derrick Hand trainee is considered to be an intermediate position, and has spent sufficient time in a ‘hands-on’ learning environment to gain knowledge from his Floor Hand experience to progress to the Derrick Hand training stage. The Derrick Hand trainee will progress through the same series of eight modules that will build on his knowledge of Service Rig operation appropriate to his position, including knowledge of equipment and more advanced procedures, working within the “team” environment.
Measurable Outcomes:
Upon successful completion, the Derrick Hand trainee will demonstrate an advanced understanding of equipment, work methods and job responsibilities associated with the Derrick Hand position on a Service Rig. These include the special considerations associated with working up a derrick and always focused on SAFETY for himself and for all “Rig Family Members”.
The Service Rig Training offers the following features and benefits:
  • State of the art, 3D interactive environment
  • Mobile training solution
  • Self-paced learning
  • Greater retention rate than traditional training methods
  • Subject Matter Expert developed work methods
  • Competency based training
  • Safe-Fail training environment
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Validation Tool
  • Ongoing tracking of employee training
Once you have completed the course registration, an email will follow shortly containing a web link as well as a username and password in order to login for the training.
Upon successful completion of the web training you will receive a certificate of completion.
This online simulation based training will prepare you for the oil and gas industry as a Service Rig Derrick Hand.
Note: This course is conducted online and as such there will be no handouts.
  • Secure Loads
  • Prepare to Move to a New Lease Site
  • Site Requirements Overview
  • Pre‐Job Safety Meetings
  • Lease Organization / Navigation
  • Emergency Preparation / Response
  • Identify Lease Hazards
  • Identify Site Hazards ‐ Simulation
  • Spotting Overview
  • Spot Crew Change Unit
  • Spot Matting
  • Spot Rig Carrier
  • Spot Pump Truck
  • Spot Rig Tank
  • Spot Utility Skid
  • Spot Catwalk and Pipe Racks
  • Spot Boiler
  • Inspect Loads – Simulation
  • Use Hand Signals to Direct a Vehicle ‐ Simulation
  • Use Hand Signals to Offload Equipment ‐ Simulation
  • Transportation
  • Site Requirements
  • Spotting
  • Rigging In Overview
  • Install Ground and Bonding Cables
  • Rig In Pump
  • Rig In Boiler
  • Rig In Crew Change Unit
  • Rig In Tankage Unit
  • Rig In Utility Skid
  • Rig In Carrier
  • Rig In Catwalk, Pipe Racks, and V-Door
  • Rig In Derrick
  • Rig In Derrick – Simulation
  • Basic Equipment Operations Overview
  • Rig Tank Operations
  • Rig Pump Operations
  • Remove / Install Wellhead
  • Rig In Accumulator
  • Test / Install BOP
  • Rig In Working Floor
  • Install Air Slips
  • Install Tubing Tongs
  • Install Rod Tongs
  • Crown Saver Operations
  • Raise/Lower Blocks – Simulation
  • Use Slips– Simulation
  • Test Crown Saver– Simulation
  • Basic Equipment Operations
  • Rod Work Overview
  • Inspect / Install Rod‐Hoisting Equipment
  • Lock Out / Tag Out Lease
  • Lock Out / Tag Out Pump Jack
  • Remove / Install Horse Head
  • Pull / Lay Down Polished Rod
  • Install Rod Table
  • Pull / Lay Down Rods to Ground or Trailer
  • Pick Up Rods from Ground or Trailer
  • Trip Rods to Derrick
  • Trip Rods from Derrick
  • Use Rod Elevators to Trip Rods Out ‐ Simulation
  • Use Rod Elevators to Trip Rods In ‐ Simulation
  • Use Rod Tongs to Make Up Connections ‐ Simulation
  • Use Rod Tongs to Break Out Connections ‐ Simulation
  • Trip Rods to Derrick Using Tongs ‐ Simulation
  • Tubing Work Overview
  • Inspect Tubing‐Handling Equipment
  • Install Tubing‐Hoisting Equipment
  • Install Stabbing Valve for Night
  • Install Stabbing Valve During Kick
  • Pull and Lay Down Tubing to Pipe Racks / Ground / Trailer
  • Stand Tubing in Derrick
  • Pick Up and Run In Tubing from Pipe Racks / Ground / Trailer
  • Run In Tubing from Derrick
  • Slip and Cut Drill Line
  • Use Tubing Elevators – Simulation
  • Use Tubing Tongs to Make Up Connections – Simulation
  • Use Tubing Tongs to Break Out Connections – Simulation
  • Rack Tubing – Simulation
  • Secure the Well – Simulation
  • Run Tubing Into Well from Derrick – Simulation
  • Swabbing Overview
  • Prepare and Install Swabbing Equipment
  • Install Sand Line Flags
  • Inhibit Sand Line
  • Cut Sand Line
  • Pour a Rope Socket
  • Swab Well
  • Windows® XP, Vista, Win 7 or Win 8.
  • NOTE: Does not work on Mac OS
  • Minimum 2 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM, and 3D Accelerated Video Card 128 MB.
  • High‐speed internet connection
  • Note that SRT does not work on Macs

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Course Materials

Each participant will receive a complete set of course notes and handouts that will serve as informative references.


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