Talented Technology Training - Structural Engineering Specialist Certificate

Structural Engineering Specialist Certificate

This is a challenging program. It’s primarily directed towards anyone who intends to pursue a design-oriented structural engineering career and is designed to fill the gap for new graduates who need practical structural design skills in order to optimize their job productivity and meet the market requirements for engineering companies in this field. It is most suitable for students who already have a good grasp of structural engineering fundamentals such as structural mechanics, strength of materials, second or third year university level differential equations, etc. In addition, students must already have some basic knowledge of structural designs using different structural materials. The basic knowledge may have been acquired through undergraduate civil engineering courses, or from a design office, or both.
Minimum requirements to obtain the certificate in Structural Engineering:
Each student must pass 6 courses; the passing mark in each course is 68%. Given that the purpose of the program is to help develop professional structural engineers, we encourage students to achieve at least a 75% mark.
Core courses:
  • Distance - Structural Analysis
  • Distance - Conceptual Structural Design
  • Distance - Dynamic Analysis of Structural Systems
  • Distance - Design of Earth-Supported Structures
  • Distance - Timber Design of Light Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Distance - Reinforced Concrete Design I
  • Distance - Structural Steel Design for Buildings
Open Date
Code: STR1000
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